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  1. Les Macarons de Nancy sur la télévision Allemande sur ProSieben

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  2. Harrods London

    La Maison des Soeurs Macarons takes part of "Le Grand Atelier" as a company of gastronomy Living Heritage. This event aims to present a selection of the best craftsmen, the jewels of the French art of living in the famous Harrods store in the heart of London. Read the .
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    An Art Nouveau stroll in Nancy

    Report on an exploration of Nancy. The Maison des Soeurs Macarons (The House of the Macaroon Sisters) was part of the visit.
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    The secret of Nancy macaroons

    Watch the video about Nancy macaroons, on the Télématin show, broadcast on France 2 on Saturday the 23rd of April.
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    "The macaroon, star of the USA" Column by Yannick VERNINI

    Last month, Nicolas Génot returned from London. The baker who runs the Maison des Soeurs Macarons had presented his bergamot sweets at Harrods, in an area showcasing the finest French craftmanship. This time, it's across the Atlantic that something is going on. Once again, a speciality from Nancy is featured.

    In their Wednesday edition, the New York Times highlights the Nancy macaroons, explaining that Nicolas Génot bakes the famous biscuit based on a secret, centuries-old recipe. In order to set the scene, the daily newspaper reveals that in 1792, "two Benedictine nuns, driven from their convent after France’s postrevolutionary government banned religious orders, took refuge with a local doctor and made a living making macarons." Once this historical clarification has been made, an ode to the biscuit - "crisp on the outside, moist and soft in the middle" - unfolds. In spite of everything, the New York Times explains that "what was once the most exquisite of small pleasures, is everywhere today, as ordinary as Oreos [...] But with the French economy spiraling downward, with pessimism infecting France like black mold, la patisserie (the pastry) has risen in importance." Could the macaroon be a remedy against austerity and despair? Such an idea has gained ground and has fast-tracked Nicolas Génot into the position of ambassador to the ducal city in the columns of the most famous daily New York newspaper.
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    Fads Aside, the Perfect Macaron Is Timeless

    Article published the 22 of July in the printed edition of the newspaper, you can read the article by ELAINE SCIOLINO on NY Times website.
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    National recognition for "La maison des sœurs Macarons"

    "Business of cultural craft heritage": a label with a wow effect! Nicolas Genot, the master craftsman labeled, so proud, show with pride his diploma handed by the secretary of state in charge of businesses, Frederic Lefebvre. It is true he can definitively be proud, "la maison des soeurs MAcarons" is joining the very selective club of labeled businesses: "Emaux de longwy, Baccarat, france Carte..."just to talk about Lorraine's businesses. On a national level, this business is playing side to side with "Laduree, Herme, Dalloyau". So chic. This prestigious label is only awarded after a long commissioning from the national businesses pairs (cci), from the regional businesses, competition, consumption, work and employment (Direccte)…Prominent judges are in charge to check that the business owns a real economical heritage, using local products. In “Les soeurs MAcarons” case, 88% of products offered are home made with the purest traditional recepy. This is the case with all macaroons, chocolates, bergamots and meringues.
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  8. PRIMA

    25 gourmet addresses

    The best of Christmas in a click. M for Macaroons, Maison de Sœurs Macarons. This is a Nancy Macaroon, made with egg whites, Provence almonds and sugar. Under its golden, finely cracked surface, it hides an irresistible melting centre. You eat one, then two, then three … Perfect with an exotic fruit salad or an espresso.
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  9. Magasine GQ ( Gentlemen's Quarterly)


    The Sœurs de Nancy smells like ‘Cléopâtre’ glue (old-school almond-scented white glue). This gives it a significant addictive appeal, not to mention a distinct advantage over its competitor.
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    NANCY section - where to shop?

    “the must-visit address for buying Nancy’s two great specialities for food lovers: macaroons and bergamot sweets, and many other delicacies based on Mirabelle plums (sweets, jam, brandy, fruit jellies, ‘chardons’, etc.). The firm’s success does not appear to have declined since the Revolution: expect queues on certain days"
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