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6 rhum King's Babas (230 g)

6 rhum King's Babas (230 g)

6 Mirabelle King's Babas (230 g)

6 Mirabelle King's Babas.

Tasting tip

Drain your babas. Bring the syrup and double its volume in water to the boil. Immerse your babas in this liquid, and remove them once they have increased in size (approximately 5 minutes). EDrain them and serve them chilled, accompanied by fresh fruit, Chantilly cream and ice cream.

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Water, sugar, wheat-based glucose syrup, Lorraine Mirabelle plums 12%, wheat flour, whole fresh eggs, confectioner’s butter, salt, yeast
Nutritional values per 100 g
249 kcal
Total fat 3,7g
Satured fat 1,9g
Trans fat 0,0g
cholesterol 31mg
Total carbohydrate 50,8g
Sugar 28,3g
Fiber 2,0g
Proteins 2,3g
Salt 0,2g
Sodium 67mg
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