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Press review of Soeurs Macarons shop.

  1. Champerard

    Section: OUR GOOD ADDRESSES p.553
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  2. MICHELIN Green Guide

    2004 Edition

    “The secret of the Sisters’ Macaroons (small round biscuits based on almonds, finely cracked and very soft inside) has been passed down since the 18th century. Other Lorraine specialities await you: the bergamot candy (boiled sweet based on essence of bergamot), Berg'Amours (fruit jellies), Perles de Lorraine (fruit jellies with a mirabelle plum brandy centre), the King’s Babas, gingerbread, etc."
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  3. Notre temps

    Stroll in France, Nancy, The renaissance of Art Nouveau

    “Three sites not to be missed: Beaux-Arts Museum, La Maison des Soeurs Macarons, Montet Botanical Gardens” Extract: "...............the macaroon is a small round biscuit, finely cracked and soft inside, invented at the end of the 18th century by two Benedictine nuns from the community of Dames du Saint Sacrement de Nancy. Their recipe? A secret that is only passed on by word of mouth. Nicolas Génot guards it so well that no-one is allowed to see him make his macaroons!"
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  4. Les Dossiers du Canard Enchainé

    The Macaroon, the weapon of mass taste

    Extract: “ be precise, this macaroon war started on 24 September 1997. On that day, Pierre Hermé, one of the leading young contemporary pastry chefs, inaugurated the Ladurée tearooms on the Champs-Elysées. All the house advertising was focused on macaroons. Along the same lines as chocolates, Hermé introduced exotic flavours such as essence of rose into the macaroon, and gave it a ‘cool’ air. It was a big hit. The popularity ratings of macaroons skyrocketed to levels unequalled since its creation in 1793 in Nancy by two Benedictine nuns..........................."
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    Strolls around Nancy

    "For the happiness of food lovers, from sweets to babas, not forgetting florentines.....The firm is also the sole custodian of the secret recipe for the true Nancy macaroon, created by two Benedictine nuns in 1793."
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  6. EL PAIS

    Esta semana FOTOGRAFIA un dia en la vida Le Macaron

    "Gourmet stop not to be missed in Nancy"
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    2002 diary - Nancy: what shall I buy?

    " The original recipe for Nancy Macaroons can only be found at La Maison des Sœurs Macarons ..."
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    ALSACE LORRAINE special edition

    "What we like in NANCY"
    " Two nuns, driven out of their convent during the Revolution, invented the famous Macaroon, both crisp and soft. The secret of their recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. To be savoured, just like the Nancy Bergamot sweets, the Perles de Lorraine (fruit jellies with a mirabelle plum brandy centre), the King’s babas or the Florentine des Soeurs ... "
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    Issue 6 “Holiday Memories"

    " In Nancy, Mr and Mrs GENOT are therefore the (indirect) heirs of the nuns known as the ‘Soeurs Macarons’ (Macaroon Sisters). Under this so-tempting banner they sell - of course - the delicious almond pastries, prepared faithfully in the traditional way (using almonds, sugar and egg whites), and also many other delicacies. > In particular, traditional ‘bergamotes’ (boiled sweets flavoured with bergamot), as well as fruit jellies with bergamot, absolutely remarkable for the intensity and freshness of their aroma and their acidulated flavour, and plenty of other sweet treats ..."
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    City life: Eastern Sweetness - Nancy

    " ... the Boutique was founded in 1793, but the old nuns’ Macaroon recipe is still a secret ..."
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