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Press review of Soeurs Macarons shop.

  1. LE POINT weekly

    Gourmet Nancy

    Six artisans of flavours: portraits. The “heritage of taste” is passed on thanks to them. These taste magicians reveal their secrets. Nicolas Génot, custodian of the true macaroon, an institution and a secret recipe jealously guarded since 1793.
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  2. Maisons COTE EST

    Art of living = Nancy comes alive
    Carnet de Voyage SHOPPING section

    "La Maison des Soeurs Macarons. This illustrious confectionery, specialising in the manufacture of bergamot sweets and macaroons, holds the secret of how macaroons have been made since their invention in the 18th century by lay sisters. A macaroon very similar to the Florentine pastries of Catherine de Medici, whose recipe is based on three characteristics: a fine cracked shape, a flavour of crushed almonds and storage for up three weeks. Another irresistible sweet treat is the bergamot orange, which Nicolas Génot has used in chocolates, marshmallows, and essence for flavouring crème brûlée ..."
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  3. Femme actuelle

    Special Nancy

    shopping trip in the footsteps of St Nicolas
    City Guide - Nancy: our favourite addresses - La Boutique de Macaron: After lunch, hurry to stock up with macaroons, a delicate combination of egg whites, sugar and almonds, from the famous "Soeurs Macarons" who hold the secrets of the original recipe.
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  4. A L' ECOUTE

    Business/Passion "the pastry chef’s secret" Since November 2000, Nicolas Génot has held the secret of making “Soeurs Macarons” macaroons. Almonds, sugar, egg whites... and an irresistible desire to preserve this delicious little piece of Nancy heritage.
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    TRAVEL section

    "For macaroons, the almond cookies said to have been invented in NANCY by Benedictine nuns. The sisters sold them to support themselves during the French Revolution. Also try their bergamotes, hard candies that taste of Earl Grey tea."
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  6. Saveurs

    Nancy: new Eldorado for fine gourmets.

    La Maison des Soeurs Macarons, since 1793, this firm has kept the macaroon recipe a closely-guarded secret. Here you will also find succulent gingerbreads and other bergamot sweets.
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  7. L'illustré

    Nancy: a fairytale décor.

    Memorable: La Maison des Soeurs Macarons, the 2 nuns who invented this sweet treat in 1793. They’re quite simply irresistible ...
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  8. MARIANNE weekly

    Region by region, city by city, what has become of these products symbolising FRANCE...their history, their destiny.


    The Nancy macaroon: Made from egg whites, sugar and Provence almonds, the Sisters’ macaroon, also known as the Nancy macaroon, is the envy of all the pastry chefs in the capital of Lorraine. Just one shop, La Maison des Soeurs Macarons, holds the Soeurs Macarons’ authentic recipe. Obviously this is a secret recipe ... like the recipes for all macaroons in France!
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  9. Le nouvel observateur

    This is the goose that laid the golden egg for pastry chefs ...The alchemy of the macaroon

    "the battle has been going on since 1997, when the Parisian pastry chef Pierre Hermé re-launched the old macaroon, achieving its metamorphosis with colours, flavours and creamy fillings not necessarily appreciated by traditionalists. Since then, the venerable biscuit has aroused amazing interest. A ruthless rivalry between luxury pastry chefs. And food lovers flock to the Hermé, Dalloyau or Ladurée boutiques. ... All cookery historians agree that the macaroon originated in Italy. It was probably introduced in France in 1533 by the pastry chefs of Catherine de Médicis, the wife of King Henri II. Acclaimed by the court, it was also adopted by various religious congregations, including the Benedictines who were not allowed to eat meat. Two Benedictine nuns went on to create the famous Nancy macaroons. Today, the ‘secret’ of their recipe and the Boutique of La Maison des Soeurs Macarons are held by Nicolas Génot, vigilant guardian of the tradition: almonds, sugar and egg whites - nothing else! Free of the slightest hint of flavourings or additives, round biscuits covered with fine cracks “crisp on the outside, soft on the inside" for which “the secrets of the Sisters passed on by word of mouth for over three centuries" confers “an inimitable, indescribable flavour". For greater authenticity, Nicolas Genot has searched the archives of the Benedictine Sisters’ mother house in Rouen, and confirms "our Macaroon is strictly faithful to the recipe reported by the Médicis’ cooks". So, "despite the demands of certain customers", carried away by Parisian trends, the Nancy pastry chef swears that he will never allow himself to make differently flavoured or coloured variations. It is of course impossible to get out of Nicolas Genot the least indication on the nature of his secret, except that he exclusively uses a certain variety of Provencal almonds ...
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  10. Mon jardin et ma maison

    Nancy - its botanical and gourmet curiosities

    page 97: bergamot - a sweet for royalty. For several centuries the image of the bergamot citrus fruit has been linked to the city of Nancy. ... report on a surprising botanical and gustatory epic! At La Maison des Soeurs Macarons, bergamot essence is also used in other specialities: melting marshmallows, flavour-packed fruit jellies, and chocolates.
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